All About Skymount

Skymount is a Vancouver & Calgary based business serving all of Canada, providing commercial aerial drone services using remotely piloted small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/UAS) for aerial filming, mapping and other uses. You can read moreabout the company and the team or the services we provide.

We find people have a lot of questions about this exciting new industry, so we have a Frequently Asked Questions page about the civilian uses for drones, and also a link to the British Columbia UAV Professionals Group on LinkedIn which we hope will help bring together everyone in the local area working in this field.

Finally, we are keen to form strategic partnerships and be involved in development projects for this exciting new technology, so if you have some big ideas please get in touch by using our contact page! We are well qualified to bring custom hardware and software solutions to bear on your project, and can potentially share in the investment.

Skymount is a Vancouver & Calgary based company serving all of Canada providing commercial aerial drone services!